Cowering Transformed

Title: Cowering Transformed
Author: Lisa M. Drago

They say anorexia
is about power and control.
More like powerlessness
to me. What’s powerful
about being hungry and not
being able to eat? Pure terror!
Crazy to be more interested
in caressing bones than
anything else. Broken-hearted,
shocked, defeated yet again,
I suddenly see: Anorexia is
my response to power
and control heaped upon me
by people, by situations,
in this world; my instinctual
need to cower in fear, hide,
become small and weak
to show myself as no threat.
No more! My new response
is to stand my ground, trust
my strength and confidence.
This was impossible in the face
of mother’s power. I may
have been a weak child, but
I’m a powerful woman now.



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